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Shandong Jinxiang Aluminum Group

Add: Middle Second Jinluo Road, Bancheng Industrial Park, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province
Postcode: 276000
E-mail: jxly@vip.163.com

Aluminum profiles company
Engineering Dept.
Tel: 0539-8613236  
Fax: 0539-8617825

Group One of Sales Dept.
Tel.: 0539-8609888
Fax: 0539-8617825

Group Two of Sales Dept.
Tel.: 0539-2950258
Fax: 0539-8617825

Group Three of Sales Dept.
Tel.: 0539-2950178
Fax: 0539-8617825

International Trade Dept.
Tel.: 0539-8618266
Fax: 0539-8950996

Doors, windows and curtain walls company
Tel.: 0539-7826777 7826789
Fax: 0539-8609900

Plastic steel company
Tel.: 0539-8618098
Fax: 0539-8617825